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Enchanted ShoreResidents of Musquodoboit Harbour are often chagrined to find that tourists don't realize the string of buildings stretching out over several kilometers of highway is actually a village. Musquodoboit Harbour is a thriving closeknit community with a great deal to offer to the tourist or the entrepreneur. The village is punctuated at the end by the Incubator Mall, a popular place for new industry.

The Railway Museum and Tourism Office is unfortunately closed during the first month of the year. In days gone by, trains carrying lumber and lime from Middle Musquodoboit , would stop at this railway station. Today, the station houses the Railway Museum, which also serves as the local Tourism Office in summer. There are a number of small shops in the area and you can buy everything from Pizza to Pentiums.

The River Oaks Golf Club and Dollar Lake Park
Make a mental note of the sign on the road which leads to Middle Musquodoboit. Within a 20 minutes drive from Musquodoboit Harbour you can find yourself in Meaghers Grant at the "The River Oaks Golf Club" You can contact the Golb Club by telephone at (902) 384-2033, just in case you want to sneak away for a few quick holes in the afternoon. The sign also points into the direction of the Dollar Lake Provincial Park. A great place for families. The Dollar Lake Provincial Park has a small landscaped beach, changing cabins, washrooms and several boats. It's a popular place for swimming and hiking, very nice place for little children, as parents can watch their children easily. Besides this, its such a beautiful peaceful place.

West Petpeswick Road reveals the charm of the Petpeswick Inlet. Opposite, East Petpeswick Road already we are on the way to Martinique Beach, the longest white sandy beach in Nova Scotia, only half an hour away from Metro Halifax!!!

Yacht Club
A one mile drive down East Petpeswick Road will bring you to the Petpeswick Yacht Club, host of the Mid Summer Regatta. Several of the families living along the Petpeswick Road have a nice dog at home, sometimes the dogs walk around or cross the road, please drive carefully down the road to the Martinique Beach.

The Martinique Beach and Bird Sanctuary

The longest white sandy beach in Nova Scotia. At the end of the East Petpeswick Road. Martinique Beach with its teaming wildlife, has been designated a wildbird sanctuary, where depending on the season, visitors can expect to see not just the famous Canada goose but a wide variety of birds clustered around the area on route to the southern climes.

Do you understand what causes the high and low tides? The moon is the major cause of the tides. The"lunar day" ( the time it takes for the moon to reappear at the same place in the sky) is 24 hours and 50 Minutes. Most places have two high tides and two tides each day. The sun also can affect the tides, but has less than half the influence of the moon.

When the sun, moon, and earth are lined up, as they are at the time of new moon and full moon, their influence combine and high tide is higher than normal and low tide is lower than normal. When the sun and the moon are at right angles, as they are at the first quarter and last quarter of the moon, the sun cancels some of the moon's effect and the range of tide is smaller than normal. Also, at these times the sun will make the tides somewhat ealier or later than average.

There are actually two tidal cycles, a twice-daily cycle and a once-daily cycle. On a tide when the two cycles help each other, high tides will be higher and low tides lower. On the next tide, when they conflict, the tidal range will be smaller. The relative strength of these two cycles varies from week to week and also varies from one place to another. In the United States, along the Atlantic Coast the two daily tides have a similar range, but on the Northern Pacific Coast there tends to be a large difference between the two daily tides. South and in the Gulf of Mexico, the difference is so great there often appears to be just one high tide and one low tide per day.

Abnormal atmospheric pressure can temporarily affect the time and height of tides. A difference of one inch in barometric pressure will cause about one foot difference in sea level. Strong shore winds will also cause a temporary increase in sea level. Tides in lower portions of rivers will be affected by the changing volume of the river flow.

Call J+J Mckinnon Enterprises and find out all about the Tide Clock
Tel: 845-2977 and 463-4486.

Further along on Highway 7 - more shopping facilities at Forest Hill

Shopping for those general day-to-day necessities and finding a nice place to do your laundry are some of the tourists worst nightmares. Forrest Hill provides a wonderful opportunity to do just that with a twist. Along this highway one can find a liquor store, a drugstore with a small boutique, a grocery story and next to the lumber a Restaurant & Bar. Conveniently located next door the laudromat is the three-year-old Laundromat Cafe. Serving up muffins, coffee, and/or icecream for the children, this cafe' makes doing the laundry an enjoyable task.

West Chezzetcook
Musquodoboit Harbour
Marine Drive, Part 3
Marine Drive, Part 2
Marine Drive, Part 1

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.


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