Nova Scotia's Seacoast Trail

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The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.

The Bitter Truth About Chocolate - US writer Tex Dworkin says Fair Trade Coffee has entered mainstream consciousness, but do we know what goes on in the world's cocoa fields? Read on...

Escaping Beyond the 49th Parallel - When the world gets too scary, migrants from the US, Europe and Canada's cities start looking for a 'little getaway' in Nova Scotia's rural areas -- just in case. Read more about the recent real estate surge in country properties.

The Power of Blue - Blueberries are small but pack a big whallup healthwise. Read on for health benefits and a time worn recipe for "Blueberry Grunt", a Nova Scotian favourite.

Healthy Country Living, if only for a weekend! In Spring, several country inns team up to offer Fitness Weekend Getaways - nutritious food, trail hikes and beach walks, plus lots of health tips to let you Spring into Spring with style!

Giving Something Back
Nova Scotia's inshore fishermen are some of our most avid conservationists. They know their future depends on it. Here's what "The Lobsterman" has to say.

Test Living in Nova Scotia
Sam and Marianne Weidmann of Three Fathom Harbour have a new concept - they will meet you at the airport, provide accommodations and help you find your Nova Scotia dream.

Midwifery in Nova Scotia
Midwifery is experiencing a resurgence. Read more about it.

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Most of us, like the assembly line worker, have jobs that are too small for our spirit.

Jobs are not big enough for people.

(Bob Herbert, New York Times 05/30/2004)

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"If you donít change course,
youíll end up where youíre headed."

Ancient Chinese Proverb.


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now". Chinese Proverb
Order Customized Tree Seedling Favors for Your 2017 Wedding or Corporate Event
Valentine Weddings, Earth Day!

"A new millenium deserves a fresh lifestyle, just as spring deserves new flowers."
Jurgen Teuwen

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