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Predictions for 2011

From the world of Planet Flipside, here are Dr. Turi's predictions for 2011:

"March 2011 will see the end of the economic crisis. Real estate will boom again. The work force and all its social institutions will undergo a huge restructuring. Banking, and communications/media will be forced to restructure as well. US election in July. President Obama's life is in danger and he is writing a secret book." More below...

"The US financial situation will see serious improvement as we move on into the year 2011/12. Back in December 2007 I prepared the world for what would become the current crisis with US economy and gave the date of March 2011 for its end. It seems I was yet, once again right as we approach the end of 2010. Jupiter impact will force Mexico, Spain, Portugal and all Latino countries to undergo a total change of regime where bloody revolutions will take many lives. I see a form of “revolution” in the US too around July 2010 where politicians will battle with themselves and the media to get reelected. The finger of evil is pointed at the US around July 2010 and I can only hope to be wrong in the upcoming disturbance and / or calamity.

The new administration is doing all in its power to control the abusive unconcerned greedy capitalist’s corporations and our President is a target for assassination by self absorbed groups. I see President Obama doing serious work in foreign land resuscitating the US image to the world. But I see him also in danger while flying Air Force One. I see a lot of bad press against him with caricatures and jokes that will vex many. The President is writing a book (secret) that express the depth of his wishes and fears, his hopes and wishes for his country and the world at large, knowing *subconsciously he is a serious target for assassination. One of his children will make difficult news and the first Lady will get sick (or contract a disease) and will be forced to rest (June/December 2010/2011)

Parts of the world (even a US city) will suffer seriously due to food shortage/medications as mother earth restructures her entrails right under it. Helping the victims will become a serious challenge due to the total destruction of the local infrastructure. Let’s hope this “vision” is far from materializing as I also see danger with wild animals running free. Expect the worse during the Full and New Moon of June/December 2011 as Jupiter and Mercury will make hard aspects to other destructive planets.

England is a Capricorn country and will undergo the same changes where many of the members of Royal family will experience dramatic experiences. UK residents will find themselves jobless bringing more stress to the government and its political decisions. This impact will resonate in Australia, India and other countries who have a strong connection with the UK. The Royal family may also suffer a death by malady or accident. The century’s old man made King/Queen status and its entire snobby privilege selected children will see the beginning of a crumble induced by the humanitarian "all equals" energetic pull of the New Age of Aquarius."

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.


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