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Six pockets of natural gas are located just off Sable Island in Nova Scotia. Tests and initial drilling indicate that Sable Island is one of the world's richest deposits. Here are the primary industry sites connected with the $2 billion dollar Sable Offshore Energy project, with links to employment, training, engineering and contracting firms.

index of links

Aboriginal Alliance of Companies
The AAC is comprised of 25 Aboriginal firms in the construction, business services, professional services and business wholesale/retail sectors. AAC was established in 1999 to offer potential private and public sector contractors in Atlantic Canada to the Sable Offshore Energy Project.

Goldboro Industrial Park
Goldboro, Nova Scotia is the mainland jumpoff point for the Sable natural gas sub-sea pipeline and the SOEI $200 million dollar natural gas processing plant. The industrial park promotes itself as '37 trillion cubic feet of opportunities'.

The Great Ditch of Nova Scotia
Ever wonder how a pipeline is laid? Here's a photographic tour of Nova Scotia's 'great ditch' as followed by geologists with Nova Scotia Natural Resources Minerals and Energy Branch. The 237 km trench, excavated to host the Sable Island pipeline, exposes mineral deposits and buried forests.

Guysborough County Development
The onshore starting point of the SOEP is at Goldboro, Nova Scotia in Guysborough County. Guysborough County Regional Development Authority on the province's Eastern Shore offers a new industrial park with toll free gas to attract corporate relocations and new industry.

New Brunswick Perspective
New Brunswick, the province adjoining Nova Scotia, recognized at an early stage that the Sable Offshore Energy Project could have a huge economic impact. Here's the New Brunswick government's 'historical perspective' with its goals for maximum benefit.

Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline
The Canadian portion of the main pipeline stretches 650 kilometres from Goldboro, Nova Scotia to St. Stephen, New Brunswick, and continues running underground from the Maine border through New Hampshire and into Massachusetts.

MNNP - US Overview
Here's an overview of this historic, infrastructure project with a map showing the pipeline from Goldboro, Nova Scotia to Dracut, Massachusetts.

Offshore Technology
The website of the offshore oil and gas industry, Offshore Technology provides outlines of the 6 gas fields, and 28 projected production wells, with links to approximately 25 approved suppliers to the project.

Oil and Gas Job Finder
Jobs in Atlantic Canada and Hibernia are more promising than ever before. Oil Careers offers jobs from over 600 oil and gas companies and 26 projects (check deadline on projects)

Sable Offshore Energy Project
The official site of the $2 billion Sable Offshore Energy Project provides an overview of the project then and now, with information on health, safety, the environment, benefits to Nova Scotians, links to its community event sponsorship, as well as opportunities and procurement at SOEP.

School Net's Energy from Beneath the Sea
'Energy from Beneath the Sea' is a school resource program sponsored by Industry Canada to assist with studies of the Sable Offshore Energy Project. Includes a resource centre, photo gallery and tools of the trade, with information links to science, environment, careers and more

SOEP Alliance
With principal SOEP partners Imperial Oil, Mobile, and Shell Canada, here's the list of alliance partners in the multimillion dollar offshore project.

US Project Partners
Members that comprise the Maritimes and Northeast pipeline thereby sponsoring the US project include Duke Energy, Exxon, West Coast Energy (Vancouver) and Nova Scotia Power. Here are the corporate links.

Workplace - Natural Gas
From HRDC's Workplace series, here's an overview of the natural gas industry with news, employment and training, and an outlook for the future.

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.


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