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    It's Grou Tyme in Greater Halifax
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Gropu Tyme Festival Logo
© Grou Tyme Acadian Festival

It's Grou Tyme in Nova Scotia as the province's 40,000 Acadians celebrate their culture and a history that dates back to the 17th century. The five day festival features Acadian arts and crafts, a visual arts exhibit, unique Acadian food and a wonderful blend of music that integrates the traditional fiddle and step-dancing of their musical heritage with rock, jazz, blues, and Cajun zydeco.

Grou Tyme 2002
One of the most talked-about events of 2001, the Acadian Grou Tyme Festival returns for a hot'n spicy, foot stomping, feast for the senses. The Halifax Waterfront & Pier 22 will feature the best of Acadian artists from Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Provinces and Louisiana.
Friday, September 20, 2002 to Sunday, September 22, 2002

Over a dozen Acadian festivals are held in Nouvelle Écosse (Nova Scotia) throughout the year in the regions of Acadian resettlement which followed their Expulsion by the British in the mid-1600's. In Clare, Annapolis Royal, Grand Pré and numerous communities from Cape Breton Island to the mainland, the evolving sounds of Acadia are capturing new followers of Acadian 'world music', now known as 'Acadico'.

Fiddling sensation Daniel Leblanc
Fiddling sensation Daniel Leblanc © Hatch Media

Grou Tyme, the second Acadian festival held in the Greater Halifax area, will extend the new found popularity of Acadian music even further. With a variety of free concerts and ticketed events featuring well-known Acadian recording artists, Grou Tyme is held at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth during the second week in September and promises to be an annual event leading up to the World Acadian Congress in 2004. Grou Tyme is Acadian slang for 'party time', and that's exactly what happens whenever Acadian musicians get together.

Groups like Les Mechants Macquereaux, Blou and Grand Derangement are rising fast in world concert venues where their high energy performances thrill audiences in Canada, the U.S. (particularly Louisiana Cajun), and Europe.

Acadian Flags Fly High at sunset
Acadian Flags Fly High at Sunset © Hatch Media

Les Mechants Macquereaux hail from Moncton. They launched their new CD at this year's 'Fais Do Do', which means 'sleep time'.

Far from being a event to drowse through, a Fais Do Do is when the children go to bed and the adults party on through the night.

Blou is comprised of 5 Acadian musicians from Nova Scotia. This group draws heavily on the Cajun zydeco influence to deliver their high energy performances. Blou, winners of the ECMA award for French Canadian music in l999, is the originator of Acadico and has been developing a large following in France for their innovative stylings.

Grand Derangement
Grand Derangement in Dartmouth, Sept 2000 © Hatch Media

Grand Derangement, meaning 'the great upheaval' in reference to the Acadian Expulsion, is exemplary of the new Acadian music. You'll find it hard to stay in your seat when fiddling sensation Daniel Leblanc accompanies the group's three beautiful, blonde step dancers who move with a precision that leaves the audience cheering for more.

Acadian music, in case you haven't had the pleasure yet, is definitely worth listening to, that is if you can sit still long enough to enjoy the finely tuned nuances of the Cajun/Acadian connection.

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Highway 7 Online welcomes over
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