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March 1997 

About BBIS

Bridge to Bridge Internet Society is located in Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia and was formed to bring the world to a section of the Eastern Shore of this province from East Ship Harbour to Marie Joseph. We were sucessful in obtaining a CAP Funding Grant (Community Access Program), through Industry Trade Canada. This allowed us to obtain access to the World Wide Web. We now have 52 users on line. Bridge to Bridge Internet is run by a group of volunteer community members. Any profits that are realized through BBIS efforts will go back to Duncan MacMillan High School to provide for increased technology for our students. We would like to welcome Sheet Harbour Consolidated, Eastern Consolidated and Lakefront School to the Internet world.

The franchise site for the BBIS is located at Duncan MacMillan High School. Here we have 8 modem lines which allow our dial in users to connect to the web. Most internet providers use a modem to user ratio of 12 - 1. This means that there are 12 users for each modem line. At BBIS we are currently at a 6 - 1 ratio. This gives us very few busies and really good service. As of yet BBIS has not made any money. It will take close to 56 users ( this is based on mainline accounts and right now we have quite a mix, so the actual number could be higher) to break even to pay for our eight telephone lines and to pay for a 56k line which allows us to connect to the franchisor. BBIS has some grant money left to come in March 1997. At present we have several volunteers from the community on the BBIS board. They are:

  • Kevin MacMillan

  • Julia Myers

  • Ian McKenzie

  • David McKenzie

  • Marilyn Munroe

  • Mary Jean Perkins

  • Larry Horton

If you would like to know anything further please feel free to contact any of the members. Starting on November 19, 1996 the high school computer lab will be opened to allow anybody interested in surfing the web the chance to do so. It will be opened from 7 - 10 p.m. every tuesday evening after that. This will allow for up to 9 users to surf the net at a time. Drop in and have some fun!

Larry Horton

Email: Larry Horton

Update May 2000: You can view the BBIS site at http://www.dunmac.com/

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.


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