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Antigonish (the Nish)

Ciamar a tha thu? (Kimmer uh ha oo?) Antigonish Aerial View - Unknown SourceYou're as apt to hear the Gaelic "how are you" in in Antigonish as in Cape Breton, especially during the world famous Highland Games, held from July 11 to 20th.

Don't miss the popular 'Heavy Events', the original 'extreme sports' that originated in Scotland. Watch the 'caber toss' where giant men throw a 150 pound 'caber', a 'sheaf' and a Braemer Stone to compete in the World Championships.

These competitions are some of the oldest in the world with the first event being held in 1861. The Games established Antigonish as "Heart of the Highlands" to the chagrin of some Cape Breton Scots.

Antigonish is a Mi'kmaq word meaning 'where five rivers meet'. The town was resettled by the French 1755 in the Pomquet & Havre Boucher areas. Thousands of Highlands Scots arrived in the 1770's, followed by free blacks who settled near Tracadie after the American Revolution in 1783. The following year, 1784, Irish Loyalists established the first permanent settlement in Georgetown, now Antigonish.

A delightful blend of cultures awaits you. Don't be surprised when everyone says hello as tho' they're greeting an old friend. But wait. Before we leave the Gaelic, if you happen to be greeted with "Ciamar a tha thu?", simply answer "Tha gu math" (ha goo ma). "Fine". They'll think you were born and bred.

Antigonish is also renowned for its excellent undergraduate university, St. Francis Xavier. StFX alumni, many of them now famous, can be spotted wearing their treasured X rings which they all wear very proudly.

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