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Halifax and the province are 'going Green' and environmental and ecological resources are growing in and around the city at an unprecedented rate.

index of links

Shubenacadie Wildlife Park
This provincial wildlife park has more than 40 acres of bird and animal exhibits, including Shubenacadie Sam, our very own winter watching groundhog.

Bald Eagle in Nova Scotia
King's County recently counted 575 Bald Eagles wintering in the region, but according to the province, the last count was 66. Who's right?

Bald Eagle Watch - Kings County
Every December, the Eagles return to Kings County, Nova Scotia. In Sheffield Mills, they celebrate with a Capistrano style weekend, eat pancakes and do a 'bald head' count.

Back Yard Birds of Winter in NS
44 species of winter birds can be spotted from your backyard. Here's info and how to identify them, from the Museum of Natural History.

Caretakers of the Environment
A global network of secondary school teachers who are active in environmental education.

Clean Nova Scotia
Education, resources, programs and activities are offered by Clean Nova Scotia, an organization that is "putting our future first".

Coastal Communities
Volunteer association promotes the survival and development of Nova Scotia's coastal and rural communities. Distributes some very worthwhile publications.

Conservation Strategy for Sable Island
It's a 40 km long sand spit south of Halifax that is home to the largest congregation of Grey Seals in the world, a colony of feral horses dating back to the 1700's and is the only breeding ground of the rare Ipswich Sparrow. The Nova Scotia government, in co-operation with Environment Canada plan to preserve it.

Eco-Efficiency Centre
This non-governmental non-profit is working with Burnside Industrial Park businesses (and others) for 'financial efficiency and ecological effectiveness".

Ecology Action Centre
The Ecology Action Centre has been protecting the environment for about 30 years. Current focuses are Marine, Wilderness and Environment/Development issues.

Green Dalhousie
Environmental courses, research, recycling and conservation are just a few of the initiatives undertaken at Dalhousie University.

Green Lane (Atlantic Region)
Federal government programming administered locally. The JAG is working on the Sydney Tar Ponds and the Coke Ovens pollutions sites.

Halifax Harbour Solutions Project
Read the history, compare other city examples and view the four treatment plant concept of this $315 million dollar harbour clean up project, recently given the go ahead by HRM City Council.

In Search of the Ghost Cat
NS Dept. of Fish and Wildlife don't believe there are cougars here, yet many report having seen them. Fact or fiction?

N.S. Environmental Industry Association
NSEIA is a province-wide business organization whose purpose is to promote environmental products and services and contribute to sustainable development in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Environment Training Centre
Coordinating and consolidating Nova Scotia's wealth of environmental training potential, NSETC is administered at Acadia University.

Organics Collection - Green Carts
HRM's program and green cart distribution site -- how it works.

RATE - Real Alternatives to Toxins
Volunteers in HRM are working to reduce the toxins released in our community.

Recycling for Visitors and Tourists
Simple tips and information for visitors who wish to help Nova Scotians in their efforts to recycle, manage waste and protect the environment.

Sable Island Ponies
The true story of the 'wild horses of Sable Island' -- how they arrived, who they belonged to, and how they were saved by children in 1960.

Sable Island Preservation Trust
When 1995 cutbacks in Federal Government programming included abandoning Sable Island in 1995, the SIPT was formed by an alarmed public. The mission is to preserve and protect the fragile environment of this island in the Atlantic, famous for its seals, wild ponies and historical shipwrecks.

Sackville Rivers Association
SRA is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Sackville River watershed area.

Solid Waste Resource Management
Find out how Nova Scotia will become the first North American province or state to reach 50% diversion of solid waste in 2000.

Sustainable Communities Information
This organization, the Nova Scotia Environment and Development Coalition, provides tools and resources on sustainable livelihoods, and sustainable economics.

Sustainable Maritimes Archive
Sust-Mar is an online newsgroup archive with ongoing discussions on environmental issues.

Recently Submitted Links

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Trout Unlimited Canada - NS


Trout Unlimited Canada Nova Scotia (TUC-NS) is a non-profit group dedicated to ensuring a healthy and sustainable trout fishery in Nova Scotia, and will strive to attain this goal through the protection, preservation and restoration of trout habitat, as well as promoting ethical fishing practices and sound management strategies. This new formed council is active in habitat restoration, working with high schools in pH testing and temprature monitoring as part of thier curriculum.

Submitted by:

Mark Quade
Apr 10 2003

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.

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Did you know?
Highway 7 Online welcomes over
30,000 site visitors a month. Find out more.


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