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  January 2, 2010

Icy Blast of Winter Heads for Eastern Shore

Storm Warning in Effect Storm Surges and Freezing Rain

(pic to left shows White Juan in February, 2004)

The first regional hotspot of 2010 has to be today's inaugeral winter blast.

At 2:00 pm The storm is approaching fast from the south-west, so fill your water jugs, make sure you have lots of candles or flashlight batteries and a good stormstay food supply.

It wouldn't hurt to have some cash on hand because cash machines don't work if the power goes out. Don't forget your meds too, if you need to stock up.

For more info on putting together your 72 hour emergency kit, check out the Federal Gov't's Be Prepared site.

Highway Cams are useful tools if you want to check out the storm's progress from south-west to north-east.

The NS Dept of Highways Yarmouth Cam (2:15 pm) shows a major visibility and slippery slush problem, while Lake Charlotte highways are clean and clear. Look out, Eastern Shore.

Current Road Conditions
can also be checked by visiting the 511 map online or by dialing: 511.

Here's a final important storm watch link for NS and the Eastern Shore. Environment Canada's weather office publishes current conditions from coast to coast -- and today, in this part of the country at least, a Sheet Harbour weather page shows a large red "storm warning" banner at the top, with "freezing rain" and "storm surge" warnings as well.

Below that, a five day forecast (hmmm, doesn't look great, but it's balmy! The temperature will hover around the zero mark at least until Friday, January 8th. )

Sheet Harbour current conditions for example, can be picked up here, or simply check at the top of the index page @

CBC Stormcentre offers a 24/7 online storm watch and a 24 hour Event Cancellation line: 1-877-236-9350. Cancellations are Twittered on their website @ www.cbc/ca/stormcentre

As we approach mid-afternoon pm, the Eastern end of HRM and points east are experiencing freezing rain, so driving conditions could be treacherous along Hwy 7.

CBC Weather Watch predicts high winds, blowing snow and poor visibility for Halifax & the Shore starting in the afternoon, with snowfall expected in the 20-30 centimeter range.

Bay of Islands Centre in Moser River to host Wilderness Survival Workshop in early February.
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Did you know you could be paying less on your Credit Cards?
Here is how you should talk to your bank. (new window opens)

Why is it so easy?
CBC's Nancy Wilson interviews NDP industry critic Peggy Nash

Response to Focus Report Toquoy Gold Mine Moose River

By Elizabeth May, Leader Green Party of Canada
December 24, 2007
"It may be unusual for a political party to present a submission for a Focus Report in a Class 1 Provincial Environmental Assessment. In this case, I felt strongly that we should as the proposed project represents the antithesis of ecological sustainability and fails to meet minimum tests for economic health. "
( Read more.. )

News Release: May 12, 2005

"Seeking the Sanctuary - A Walk in Liscombe"
Saturday, May 14th at 11:00 am

Many people are unaware that an estimated 30-50% of Liscombe Game Sanctuary has been clearcut and that it still continues. Liscombe is a large wilderness area that is vital to the future of the 20 +/- sanctuaries in the Sheet Harbour to Sherbrooke areas. Liscombe is our legacy....

We are appreciative that DNR Minister Richard Hurlburt has agreed not to de-list the Province's game sanctuaries and wildlife management areas and has also stated that he will consider a logging ban on the sanctuaries - Liscombe, Chignecto, Blandford, Waverley are the most vulnerable to clearcutting.

To encourage Minister Hurlburt to make that decision putting a stop to clearcutting before the new deadline of May 31st, we are staging a walk in Liscombe Sanctuary. In spite of the short notice, we invite and encourage everyone to come out on Saturday and support us in this effort.

Details follow:

"Seeking the Sanctuary - A Walk in Liscombe"


Saturday, May 14th at 11:00 am. (Rain Date: Thursday, May 19th, Same Time, Same Place)

The walk will create awareness of the continued clearcutting in the Liscombe Game Sanctuary. We are not opposed to forestry; we are opposed to 'strip-mining' the forest, particularly in the Liscombe Sanctuary.

Meet at the old DNR West Sanctuary Entrance, Sheet Harbour.

From Halifax, follow highway 7 to Sheet Harbour, cross the 2nd bridge (East River) and just past that turn left on Hwy #374 (the Stellarton to Sheet Harbour highway).

The West. Sanctuary Entrance is approx. 16 km from the Highway 7 (Sheet Harbour) & Hwy 374 junction. You'll see a large wooden sign and a log cabin, just before you cross the East River bridge.

(Sheet Harbour is about 1.5 hours from Dartmouth on Marine Drive, Highway #7).

Please bring a lunch and a camera and plan for about 3 hours, including the walk of about 1 km

Thanks in advance and hope to see you there.

Gail Martin
Bay of Islands Center

Dateline: April , 2005
by Gail Martin

Sweet Deal for Arichat
Candy Store Offers Taste of the Future in Rural NS

WebPosted Aug 18 2004 11:59 AM ADT

The first two immigrants to arrive in Nova Scotia under a new economic development program were greeted by residents and politicians in Arichat on Tuesday. . . .

For those of us working to help revitalize Nova Scotia's rural communities, the CBC article above is like a breath of fresh air

The CBC news item states that the first business immmigrants under Nova Scotia's new 'nominee program' have arrived and opened a candy store in Arichat

A candy store in Arichat may sound a bit unlikely but this American couple bring with them a quality, exportable product as well

Hand-dipped chocolates made at a locally based parent company, Isle Madame Confections will offer a small boost to the regional economy and the promise of someday, a few jobs

Perhaps, if Arichat is really fortunate, the "Candy Store" will find support for training dollars and proceed to turn out a few master chocolatiers, who will stay home and create a micro-industry and create a few more jobs.

What's more, graduate candy makers will also have children to fill local schools, spend their paychecks in local businesses and pay their fair share of taxes to maintain rural services

In an ideal world, this newly arrived couple, would be only one of hundreds filling the shortage of skilled trades people in the rural areas

Most importantly, they fill the gaping holes in our business service panorama left by discouraged local entrepreneurs as they limp back to a job in the City

How Speedy is Speedy?
Nova Scotia's Speedy "New" Business Immigration Program (NSNP)

It sounds like a dream come true for anyone seeking to immigrate to Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) offers "relaxed rules and speedy processing" to immigrant entrepreneurs, according to a Quebec immigration consultant, Prashant Ajmera, of Pointe Claire QC

Ajmera emphasizes that applicants can move quickly through the process of immigrating to Nova Scotia for business purposes - if they qualify - by proving a net worth of $300,000 CAD and by NOT being eligible for the Federal immigrant entrepreneurs' program

While results of the applicant review process are known in as little as four weeks time, here's where the NSNP program gets a little grey

NOT being eligible under the Federal prgram suggests that NSNP applicants have already been "around the horn and heard her blow" as my father used to say

Does this federally imposed criteria mean that potential business immigrants must first plod their way through a less relaxed and slower moving Canadian program in order to be rejected, before they can qualify for the Nova Scotia program?

If so, that may account for the 26 month lag between the NSNP launch (June 28, 2002) and the Arichat Candy Store Opening (August 18, 2004)

Economic Development Minister Ernie Fage states that more than 60 entrepreneurial individuals have been nominated for immigration to Nova Scotia and another 110 are being processed

Let's hope they all don't take as long

Gail Martin is an editor, researcher and freelance writer of sustainable living related articles-Martin is also a founding member of the Bay of Islands Sustainable Economic Development Centre (2001) in Moser River, Highway 7



Bay of Islands Centre
Ajmera Immigration Article
Nova Scotia Nominee Program
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Hon Ernie Fage's Welcome Speech

Dateline: March, 2004

Public Input Deadline Looms
Provincial Off Highway Vehicles Taskforce Needs To Hear from You

Nova Scotians have until March 31 to comment on proposed rules for all-terrain and other off-road vehicles.

The Voluntary Planning Task Force on Off-Highway Vehicles had originally set Monday as the deadline for responses to its preliminary report but wants to make sure people have enough time to respond.

"It is an extensive document, and we continue to encourage feedback from Nova Scotians," task force chairman David Bellefontaine said in a release.

The interim report released Feb. 12 has 48 recommendations on training, policing, public safety and other areas.

Among proposals are increasing the registration fee to $50, making training mandatory and banning children younger than 14 from operating the vehicles.

The report is available online at or at Access Nova Scotia centres.

People can submit comments by e-mail to by fax at 902-424-0580, or by mail to:

Voluntary Planning,
Suite 600,
1690 Hollis St.,
Halifax, N.S., B3J 3J9

ATV Manufacturers & Owners Join Forces in Attack Against Task Force Recommendations

(Submitted Anonymously by Highway 7 Reader)
Several petition campaigns have been launched attacking the OHV Taskforce report. Some ATV groups who have previously stated publicly their support for the VP report are now mounting a full-scale attack against it under the radar. These petitions are just one piece of the puzzle.

Unbelievably, All Terrain Vehicle Ass'n of Nova Scotia (ATVANS) appears to be the lead group coordinating this assault and it looks like it's growing quickly. Beyond ATVANS though is strong evidence that the national manufacturers lobby association CATV is actually behind this movement.

in other words, the manufacturers and the local dealers are fanning the flames in order to neuter the taskforce recommendations.

Under pressure from rider groups, the VP Taskforce has extended the deadline for submissions by two weeks, to the end of the month. This move was to allow them more time to organize opposition to the taskforce report. You can bet there will be a flood of signed petitions and submissions from more irate ATVers attacking the report.

It is therefore most important that the task force receive as many supportive submissions as soon as possible.

The report is available online at or at Access Nova Scotia centres.

People can submit comments by e-mail to by fax at 902-424-0580, or by mail to:


Ecology Action Centre
Eastern Shore Forest Watch

Dateline: January 2003

Water, Water Everywhere, Not Enough to Eat!
Climate change and water shortages around the world are linked. Here in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, we somewhat selfconsciously congratulate ourselves on the possible side effects of global warming: longer, warmer, drier summers. It's a fool's paradise. Global warming and the shortage of fresh water is going to affect us in serious ways. Read the paper produced by Lester Brown, President of the Earth Policy Institute, titled: "Wakeup Call on the Food Front".

Dateline: July 23, 2002

"Highway #7 to receive $17 million upgrade"

    (see map)

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Regional Links and Resources

Did you know? Nova Scotian communities once had their own telephone companies? Read more History of Telephone & Telegraph Companies in Nova Scotia.

The National Telephone Cooperative Association (NTCA), "the voice of rural telecommunications," is a non-profit association representing 545 small and rural telephone cooperatives and commercial companies.

Maritime Tel & Tel, now 'MTT an Aliant Company'.
Looking for an MTT news item?

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Other Links to the News:

Common Dreams
It's been said that dreams are our roadmaps to the future. If so, where are we headed? Common Dreams offers an eclectic mix of politics, issues and breaking news with an emphasis on progressive perspectives that are increasingly hard to find with our corporate-dominated media.

Deep Integration With The USA!

Council of Canadians
As a government and corporate watchdog, the Council offers a critical voice on key national issues. Since 2004, the Council has focused on fighting deeper economic integration with the United States. This includes building popular opposition to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, an agreement reached by Canada, the U.S. and Mexico in 2005, that is paving the way for Canada to integrate our security measures with those of the United States, surrender control of our energy supplies, sell off our water, and harmonize our medical drug testing policies with lower U.S. standards.

TheCouncil of Canadians has run highly influential citizen campaigns against cutbacks and changes to Canada's system of public pensions, the proposed mergers of four of the country's biggest banks, and the introduction of Bovine Growth Hormone into the nation's milk supply. The Council has also worked with groups and individuals across the country to fight the alarming concentration of media ownership in Canada. More recently, the Council has launched campaigns to prevent the bulk export of Canada's fresh water and to protect Canada's public health care system from privatization.

Lighthouse Publishing
Publishes weekly editions of The Bulletin, South Shore Living, Progress Enterprise and The Lighthouse Log. Offers classifieds and directories.

Outdoors Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia's online, outdoor magazine. Helping you explore the great outdoors. News, events, features, special destinations, outdoor properties, outdoor gear and equipment, The Outdoor Directory and alot more.

Rural Delivery
Rural Delivery is a farm and country journal for Atlantic Canadians who love farming, gardening, nature, preserving food, cooking great meals and who simply enjoy country life. In its 28th year of publishing.

Truro Daily News, The
Weekly news out of Truro, Nova Scotia, discusses all the latest news and activities affecting the community.

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• Electoral Boundaries on the "Forgotten Shore" (Sherbrooke Transcript)

Opinions, Editorials:
• How to Sink a Ship

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